Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Social Media & Crocs

Its amazing how much social media impacts our lives now.

I don’t think it is a bad thing either, depending on how it is used. I think social media is best used to keep in contact with friends who have moved, or to make last minute plans. It is how we learn what it going on in the world so quickly its almost right away. Back in the old days, when there were no cars or buses, people had to walk or use horses to get from place to place, and sometimes that would take days. Days of no contact with their families. Could you imagine being in the dark like that? People would have no idea what anyone else was up to! 

Crazy right? Today, Crocodile Dundee here would have just whipped out his cell phone and updated his Twitter before he was gobbled up. Do you know how long it would take for someone to find that book?  This guy would have been missing for months before anyone even knew what happened. 

I’ve never really got into Twitter until last week. If you follow the right people, it’s like a constant stream of news. One of my teachers talked about a fight on the Cineplex Staff Twitter, so I started following them. I would still prefer see news on the news, I like having some sort of visual when I hear a story, but you have to wait for that. With twitter, the updates are instant; you know what’s happening to the minute. 

With so much information coming at us I can completely understand why so many people seem to have some sort of ADHD. There is just so much to do at once, it’s hard to keep focused on what matters sometimes, it’s like being in a store full of your favourite foods and you’re only allowed to pick two or three. In those rare moments when we end up in a place with no cell phone/internet reception we run around waving our electronic devices in the air like idiots looking for a signal. Sometimes we just need to chill out, and focus on what is actually in the room with us.

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