Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Rainbows on Fire (Because "my first blog" is a boring title)

I have always thought about writing a blog, but could never decide what to write about, and always figured that no one would care enough to read it. In class we talked about blogging, and it is amazing how often people get noticed because of their blogs, and also how many companies use blogs. Apparently, companies and important people like to Google their names to see if anything about them is floating around online, so if you blog about the right things, you will be noticed.

Being noticed, this is the whole reason I want to get into advertising. Companies are always trying to get themselves noticed, by advertising their latest product, or by promoting their brand name. A great way to get noticed is to do something insane, like this Dairy Queen ad: 

Unlike Dairy Queen, I am not going to light a rainbow on fire to get noticed. I am going to write out my thoughts on what I learn in the next few months.  Hopefully you will find it interesting  and insightful, I will try to keep my views on advertising as exciting as possible.


  1. This is a hilarious video, Natalie. I love how you tied it to your POV.

  2. Natalie, there's some really fun stuff here. It reads as though you are REALLY enjoying it! Look forward to more....