Friday, 2 December 2011


This will be my last blog of the season, however, I do intend to continue blogging in my free time. This blog is going to be about the impact that colours have on us. I would like to sidetrack and inform all you readers how frustrated I am that my laptop is apparently American. Yes laptop, the word colour IS spelt with a u.

But anyway, back to colours. To find inspiration to write this blog I traveled to a small convenience store, where I found a package of Skittles with a bracelet attached. (A crafty marketing ploy by Skittles). I am not a huge fan of Skittles, however, I found myself wanting to buy them. But why?

Because of the colours! Colours play on our emotions much like music does. Bright colours like the Skittles colours make us happy, dark colours are more serious and dreary.

McDonald's uses red and yellow because those colours make us hungry, while blue does not. Blue is not a colour that is naturally found in food, therefor we do not associate it with food.

A great tip when your sad, buy something colourful!! It will cheer you up guaranteed!