Friday, 25 November 2011

How to Gain Positive Publicity

We have been learning in class about how important it is to be bold and stand out. To be successful you need a crazy idea that no one else would even think of.

LuLu Lemon in downtown Kingston offered free outfits to the first ten people to show up wearing nothing. LuLu Lemon is a very expensive brand, so people went for this deal. The press showed up to see what customers would do, giving the event and store even more publicity.

Many new businesses do something outrageous on opening day to gain attention, because clearly it works. Only unlike LuLu Lemon most businesses hold some sort of contest, instead of asking naked people to show up. This Publicity stunt was just crazy enough to work in a positive way for LuLu Lemon, and not ruin the business's reputation.

Companies must be very careful when planning a stunt. If it's too crazy, the business will be seen in a negative light; possibly ruining it completely. Take the story of Balloon Boy for example. His parents wanted their own T.V. show, and planned this event for two weeks.
The moral of the story here is to not include children in your publicity stunt; everyone involved should probably understand the concept of a publicity stunt. Also, their is no real reason to lie to the public, we tend to frown upon lies. There are many other ways to get media attention and to make your business stand out.

 After all, LuLu Lemon didn't have to lie to its customer's to get them to undress. 

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